Established in 1791 as the Collegio di Studi Veterinari (College of Veterinary Studies) and part of the University of Milan since 1932, the Faculty enrols approximately 500 freshmen each year and conducts high-level study and research activities, collaborating with international scientific partners.
In addition to basic veterinary disciplines, research covers infections and contagious diseases in domestic animals and the safety of animal products intended for human consumption.
The equine and bovine clinical sector is particularly active.
The University Centre in Lodi is home to the recently-opened Veterinary Hospital and a diagnostic centre specialising in large animals (equine, bovine, porcine, ovine/caprine) as well as birds, fish, and smaller animals.
The shelters, the operating theatres together with the radiology and obstetrics departments of these extremely modern facilities are equipped with the most updated technologies.
Do not miss something of particular interest within our Faculty, that is the old impressive Library housing over 4,000 volumes, kind bequests by its many distinguished Professors.