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Mission of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Milan

June 2009

The mission of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Milan is to provide an intellectual and physical environment in which the highest levels of education, learning and research in animal sciences can be ensured for the benefit of animal life and health and for the related human and ecosystem health. The Faculty encourages mutual collaboration and respect, diversity and integrity.

By fostering courses in veterinary medicine, animal production and biotechnology, the Faculty stimulates exchanges among different disciplines related to animal sciences, aiming to a real multidisciplinary scientific and academic project. The Faculty promotes postgraduate education, professional and research opportunities by offering PhD, specialties, master and residency programs, and continuing education courses.

The Faculty provides the environment in which teachers, scientists and students work together to achieve research excellence in both basic, applied and clinical sciences, also by fostering partnerships with industries. The Faculty promotes study and research on animal health and diseases with special reference to human and ecosystem health, on animal nutrition for food safety and quality, on animal production and reproduction, on wildlife medicine, management and conservation, on diagnostic and drug development, on hygiene and inspection of foodstuffs of animal origin.

The Faculty is committed in a wider society context, among others:

  • is a reference point for government institutions and public administrations on domestic and wild animal, and related human health and food safety problems;
  • acts as a support to profession through its teaching hospitals and experimental farms; by providing diagnostic, clinical, pathological, preventive medicine, nutritional and other services; by proposing technical and managerial solutions;
  • is a resource for agricultural communities by promoting sustainable production systems, and for operators in processing of foodstuffs of animal origin.

Collaboration with other academic and research institutions is assumed as a prerequisite to achieve the mission.