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Visiting Us

Our Faculty consists of Two Departments located in the north-eastern part of Milan, called Città Studi.
Città Studi is a part of Milan you can easily reach by different means of transport. It is also a place where students are welcome and you can find accommodation and facilities in the area.
Our Faculty has a relaxed atmosphere, with some pleasant open space, trees and lawns. A cafeteria is available for our students and vending machines can be found in the proximity of our classrooms.

map of città studi

When you are in Milan, you can reach us by nn. 93 (P.le Loreto), 61 (L.go Murani) bus; nn. 23, 33 (Lambrate) tram; Underground Linea 2 or “Green Line” (Piola or Lambrate).
Further information on ATM website.
In Lodi is located the Veterinary Teaching Hospital