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The Faculty is composed of two Departments which provide the academic staff and students with the facilities required for scientific research. These two Departments cover all disciplines in the areas of veterinary medicine, animal husbandry, foodinspection and safety, veterinary biotechnology, chemistry, biochemistry and physiology.

Research areas
We emphasise that research activities at the two Departments of Faculty span over a very broad spectrum of research areas, from proteomic and basic protein science tothe eco-epidemiology of infectious diseases in wild animals, from molecular diagnostics to experimental surgery. For the preparation of their thesis, students can be involved in research projects in all of the different areas. It is thus impossible to list in a few lines the different typologies of the research projects that involve students in the preparation of their thesis. We finally emphasise that the Departments are reference points for a variety of subjects, both private companies and public institutions. For example, private veterinary clinics, practitioners in the areas of animal production, and the same animal breedersrely on the Departments for a variety of services, from histopathology consultingto the control of infections on animal farms. The interaction with practitioners, companiesand institutions outside the Faculty offers the opportunity of designing applied research projects, and this in turn offers to the students the unique opportunity of performing experimental research in a practical, profession-oriented context. It is thus not infrequent that students participate to description of clinical cases,or are involved in sampling, visits and evaluation of management in farm animals.