The Library’s of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine mission is to promote the free access to scientific information for purposes of study and research.
The Library of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Milano is a specialistic Faculty Library founded in 1808 as "Biblioteca della Scuola Superiore di Medicina Veterinaria".
The Library’s bibliographic property includes a total of approximately 63.000 volumes, including 20.000 monographs, antique texts and theses and 1.000 serials, 220 of which are current journals.
The Library keeps the historical Archives of the Scuola Superiore di Medicina Veterinaria in Milano.
The antique book collection includes books published before 1830 and consists in approximately 600 works of which nearly 200 are about veterinary medicine and the rest are related to human medicine, pharmacy, biological and natural sciences.
Journal subscriptions include all the most important veterinary and biomedical publications, many of which electronic, including those furnished by the Subsidiary Libraries and through University agreements with the publishers.
The consultation is open to all and the collections largely open-shelf.
The Library has got 123 reading places and 5 computer workstations dedicated to consult the catalogue of the University and offers its students a computer room equipped with 21 workstations connected to the network.
The Library plays a supporting role for research, teaching and study.