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Programs Courses

H08 - H15 Veterinary Medicine

1° Year – H15 – LM-42 Veterinary Medicine
1st semester
Physics, Chemistry, Informatics and biostatistics and English
Biology, Histology and Embryology
2nd semester
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Systemic and Comparative Veterinary Anatomy
General Zootechnics and Genetic Improvement
Agronomy, Herbaceous Crops, Rural Building and Economy

2° Year – H08 – 47/S Veterinary Medicine
1st semester
Systemic and Topographic Veterinary Anatomy
Complement of Biochemistry
Physiology and Endocrinology of Domestic Animals
2nd semester
Agronomy, Herbaceous Crops and Rural Buildings
Physiology and Ethology of Domestic Animals
Veterinary Microbiology and Immunology

3° Year – H08 – 47/S Veterinary Medicine
1st semester
Pharmacology, Pharmacodynamics and Veterinary Pharmacy
Animal Nutrition
Veterinary General Pathology
Production and Husbandry and Domestic Animals
2nd semester
Veterinary Anatomic Pathology I
Inspection of Foods of Animal Origin I
Infectious Diseases I
Avian Pathology
Veterinary Toxicology

4° Year – H08 – 47/S Veterinary Medicine
1st semester
Inspection of Foods of Animal Origin II
Infectious Diseases of Domestic Animals II
Surgical Pathophysiology, Semeiotic and Radiology
2nd semester
Veterinary Pathological Anatomy II
Veterinary Anaesthesiology and Surgical Techniques
Parasitic Diseases
Animal Reproduction Pathology
Veterinary Medical Pathology
Medical Semeiology, Laboratory Medicine, Diagnostic Imaging and Veterinary Legal Medicine

5° Year – H08 – 47/S Veterinary Medicine
1st semester
Clinical Surgery and Specialistic Surgery
Veterinary Internal Medicine
Veterinary Obstetrical Clinics
2nd semester
Student-free choice disciplines

Optional Courses
Bovine and small ruminants clinic
From laboratory to consulting room: diagnostics and prophylaxis of infectious diseases of pets
Sanitary Management of the Animal Production and Public Health
Small Animal Internal Medicine
Small Animal Internal Medicine, and Laboratory Medicine
Veterinary Pathology and Parasitology
Wildlife Health Management